Valid Email Collector

Valid Email Collector 1.0

Valid Email Collector is an e-mail collector application for Windows

Valid Email Collector is an e-mail collector application for Windows. It goes to the URL you specify and it collects every e-mail address listed on the website. You can even configure how deep you want the bot to go in search of e-mail addresses. If you select the "Search all the links in the directory," Valid Email Collector will follow links outside of the specified website, which will make the process rather long. On my first try, I used a local newspaper as a target, and the application successfully extracted tens of e-mail addresses in less than a minute. The program also attempts to gather some more information about the e-mail addresses that it finds. If there is a name nearby the address it will add it to the Probable Names field. Overall, the application works great, but there are some design flaws that limit its capabilities. Valid Email Collector seems to be looking for mailto: fields, which is a good idea, but most times, those e-mail links don't have any information nearby. It would be great if the application would also query the e-mail address on separate sources to find some more information about them. On the other hand, that would take considerably longer. If the task at hand requires you to collect e-mails from regular websites, Valid Email Collector can do it. Keep one thing in mind, though, Spammers don't go to Heaven.

José Fernández
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  • It's fast and responsive
  • It collects good-quality data


  • Results are mixed according to the target website
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